Friday, August 1, 2008

Died and gone to heaven.....

I am constantly looking for great ingredients on the Internet only to find the shipping costs would be prohibitive. A recipe, from Cannelle et Vanille, for pate de fruits, sounded yummy but the fruit puree required a $50 shipping charge because they were frozen. And, in Dorie's book she suggested using Defours puff pastry if you could find it, again it was frozen and required insulated shipping. Well, two weekends ago, I was in Culver City (Los Angeles) for my competition, and during the afternoon break my future DIL suggested we go to a wonderful gourmet/restaurant supply store, Surfas, she knew I would like. OMG!!!!! They have EVERYTHING you could possible want, yes, they had the fruit puree, yes, they had several items from Defours, yes, I did some damage within my time constraints. I did not have a cooler with me so I decided to go back ASAP. Unbelievable selection of honeys, preserves, chocolates, pastas and so much more. The cooking supply area is like being in a candy store; I finally bought a Madeline pan and they have the muffin pans I have coveted for a few months. So, I am going back this Saturday, cooler in back of car; DH will be out of town and won't see what comes back, not that he cares, he knows how much I love to bake. Fortunately it's only 40 minutes away and Penzeys Spices just happens to be on the way to Surfas, imagine that!

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