Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Giant Cupcake season.....

My Giant Cupcakes have really taken off! I have had so many orders for them I am having trouble keeping up with my posting; but they are fun to make and everyone loves them. Here are a few pictures of the cupcakes.

MS:CC Candied Sweet Potato Cupcakes

This months recipe was chosen by by Karen at Karen's Cookies, Cakes & More and she picked a winner. I used a pan with an indentation on the top to hold the marshmallows; my kitchen torch can be a bit fickle at times and I ended up slightly over doing the marshmallows in a few places but they still tasted great. These were more of a muffin than a cupcake but that's OK with me, I may use this recipe for Christmas brunch. Looking forward to next month's recipe, Gingerbread Cupcakes. I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!