Sunday, October 18, 2009

SMS: Spiced Pumpkin Cookie Cakes

This has been pumpkin week, I made Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes for the MS:CC on Thursday and used the left over pumpkin for the SMS recipe; I just love using up ingredients. These cookies reminded me of the cupcakes I made last week, spicy, moist and yummy! Easy recipe with no issues.

I make French macrons occasionally and have a "cheat sheet" to make them all the same size; I just put the parchment paper on top, pipe the batter and you have perfect sized cookies. Even the piping tip was the same size! My cookies took the full 15 minutes and I feel they could have used maybe another minute or so. The frosting was a cream cheese based recipe, so I decided to use the left over frosting from the cupcakes; I just added orange zest and orange extract to the frosting and it was very good.

The recipe made 68 cookie halves and DH is taking ALL of them to work tomorrow, they are that good. I need them out of the house, LOL.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

MS:CC - Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

This was a whirlwind, I just found out I was able to participate in the MS: Cupcake Club and my book hadn't arrived. I really wanted to make this months recipe, so off I went to the book store and bought a copy of Martha Stewart's Cupcakes. I had everything on hand except the cream cheese, not too bad considering the time constraints. Easy recipe and if the batter is any indication, they will be awesome cupcakes; nice spice blend and with the pumpkin puree I'm sure they will be moist. I made half the recipe and got 12 minis and 12 regular cupcakes. I didn't have time to make the cute marzipan pumpkins but used candy corn for the minis and candy pumpkins for the regular. DH tasted them and really liked them, he is taking them to work tomorrow and will give me the results for his office mates.

Many thanks to Kim from What the Whisk for my first recipe with the MS:CC, check out the other blogs at MS: Cupcake Club.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TWD Allspice Crumb Muffins.....

I'm finally back to baking, just too much going on and it's not even the holidays, yet. Despite having a wedding to attend on Saturday I was able to bake for a few hours on Sunday. I made this weeks TWD recipe and Martha's Brown Butter Toffee Blondies. The muffins were easy to put together and I had no issues, except I forgot I had only 1/4 tsp of allspice left in the jar. As I was searching the spice cabinet I remembered I had whole allspice berries, so I got my spice grinder out and made my own powdered allspice! Wow, what a difference it made using fresh allspice, no comparison to the pre-ground; I always grate my nutmeg fresh and now will do the same for the allspice. The muffins looked so good and the topping was the crowning touch! I can't tell how they tasted because I have to really be good (I hate being good) with my eating; so off they went with my DH to work this morning. He just came home and said the entire office loved the muffins and blondies; actually they renamed the muffins "Crack Cocaine". Many thanks to Kayte of Grandma’s Kitchen Table for a great recipe pick of the week!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

SMS Apple Orchard Pecan Crumble.....

Our recipe of the week, Apple Orchard Pecan Crumble, was chosen by Cristine of Cristine Cooks, check out her blog for this wonderful recipe! With this recipe I have declared that fall is finally here; and the weather is cooperating, we may actually get some rain (sprinkles) in the next few days. The dry Santa Ana winds hit last Thursday but this morning (Sunday) there was a slight nip in the air.

The Apple Crumble was delicious, especially the crumble. I made half the recipe but kept the same amount of crumble because that's what Karen suggested in the Q&A's. Thanks Karen, I'm a crumble lover and the more the better. I used a mix of apples, Granny Smith, Honey Crisp and McIntosh; next time I will make the crumble with just Granny Smith. I like the firmer texture and the slight tartness that Grannies give to fillings. This went together so fast, really, it's one of those, "OMG what do I serve for dessert, I have no time", recipes. I'm sure you could use any fruit you have on hand, like pears, apricots and such. I was thinking of adding some dried cherries or cranberries but I try to make a recipe as written the first time; besides, DH loves apple anything and wasn't sure if he would like the additions. Great recipe and will make it again with the additional crumble, yummy!